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  • who we are

    JAJ Inc. was born out of necessity a need for a boutique agency to come into a market a put the client first.

    Listen to your needs and come up with fast, intelligent solutions at a cost effective price. Our team of industry leaders span through a wide spectrum of skill set so no mandate is too big or too small for us to take on.

    what we do

    We fill the mandates others can't, we do this in two ways.

    The first is a straight forward percentage of the the candidates annual salary. The second is a billable model where you choose how many hours you want us to work for you on your employment mandate and we provide you with results, based on your time frame.

  • main services

    HR Consulting

    Our team can consult with you and your company in ameliorating; recruiting, health and safety, benefits plans, industrial relations, labor law, information technology issues, information management issues, portals, customer relationship management softwares and more.

    HR Training for your team

    We have many experts that can do some online or in house training with your team, just ask for a quote.

    Flat Rate for Recruiting

    Tire of paying out big commission checks, we have a solution for you one flat for your recruitement need. Put us to the test you will see the JAJ difference.

    Hourly Rate for Recruitement

    Are you on a budget or just need something done fast! Ask about our hourly rates give us a timeline and we will supply qualified labour within your delays.

  • careers


    Please click on the hyperlink above our jobs are posted in this career portal and please feel free to contact us by email or telephone not all of our postings are online, due to the nature and speed at which we fill our mandates.

  • blog

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    Telephone: +1 514-581-3177
    E-mail: jonathan@j-a-j.co
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